Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I qualify?
A. You need to be a subscriber to the Republican to have access to R Rewards.

Q. What do I need to do to access the R Rewards Site? A. You will need to register/log in at to access your account. You will register/log in to your account with an email address we have on record and a password. When you log in for the first time, you do not need a password. Once you enter your email address you will be prompted to create a password.

If you don’t have an email address or forget which of your email addresses we have on record, you will be able to search for your account information by providing your name and zip code. In order for the search to work properly, you’ll need to know which name is on your account and in our records.

If our system does not find an email address attached to your account, it will prompt you to enter one. This email address will become the email address associated with your account.

If for some reason, you can’t find your account you will be promoted to contact our customer service department at 413-788-1100. You can also call our customer service department to change your account information.

Q. How do I know what I qualify for? A. We have assigned “tiers” based on your service frequency and payment method.

Platinum - 7-day subscribers qualify for the Platinum tier and will have access to “Platinum Tier” offers and all merchant offers on the platform

Gold - Daily Only subscribers qualify for the Gold tier and will have access to “Gold Tier” offers as well as all merchant offers for Silver and Bronze tiers

Silver - Thursday & Sunday subscribers qualify for the Silver tier and will have access to “Silver Tier” as well as Bronze merchant offers

Bronze - Sunday Only subscribers qualify for the Bronze tier and will have access to “Bronze Tier” offers

BONUS – ez pay customer will have access to a BONUS bucket of merchant offers

Q. How do I move up a tier/change my tier?

A. You will be able to upgrade your service or sign up for EZ Pay on the Rrewards website. Just follow the prompts from your home page. Or you can call us at 413-788-1100 to upgrade your service or to sign up for EZ Pay.

Q. I’m having trouble accessing the R Rewards site?

A. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Check the web address – Check to make sure the name and email address on our record matches what you are entering.

Q. I just upgraded my subscription/started a new subscription on line and I am not landing on the correct tier, what is going on?

A. When you upgrade your account, or become a subscriber for the first time, you will have access to the Platinum tier until we process your order. Once your order is processed, within 3-5 business days, you will land on your correct tier.